Elections officials say turnout high, ballot issues low

While President Trump is warning other states to stop counting ballots, the count in King County not only continues but could also reach historic levels when all is said and done.

They county doubled the number of drop off boxes to meet the demand.

The time voters turn out in numbers seen similar to 2020 officials happened back in 2012, and they expect it to creep up this year to 86% voter turnout.

Workers scour look over every single ballot and match signature to previous ballots referencing driver license signatures and other state records. Training for election workers includes the Washington State Patrol.

While they expect your signature to vary from one form to the next, employees know what they are looking for that might flag fraud.                                

More than a million ballots have been scanned and a couple hundred thousand more could soon. Out of all of those, officials say around 12,000 need further scrutiny.

“We see about 2% of signatures that don’t match or forget to sign,” said elections official Julie Wise.

If your elections office reaches out, reach back and assist as best possible to ensure your ballot is prior to the certification deadline.