'Elephant Man Bandit' & 'Cyborg Bandit' suspect arrested

SEATTLE -- A man suspected of as many as 30 bank robberies in the Puget Sound region has been arrested.

Police say the 44-year-old from Everett robbed so many banks, they thought he was two people -- and even gave him two nicknames.

In July, the King County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI released photos of a suspect they called 'Elephant Man Bandit' because of his elaborate face covering -- and said he was linked to robberies in Bothell, Woodinville and Shoreline.

Then, in October, they released  photos of the "Cyborg Bandit" -- a man who robbed at least four other banks.

Police say they now believe it’s the same guy.

On Wednesday, police were following his van, after a witness had described it in a previous robbery.

"They actually observed this individual go into a Key Bank located in the U. District on 25th Northeast, with the ski mask on and exiting the bank with the ski mask on and that's when we were able to apprehend him,"  Steven Paulsen of the Seattle Police Department said.

Authorities believe the man is responsible for as many as 30 robberies in the region.