Everett bomb squad called to inspect... vegetable oil car? (PHOTOS)

EVERETT -- A bomb squad was called to a tow yard Thursday.

But as it turns out, what they found wasn't a bomb. It was more like a good for the environment science experiment.

Everett Police Bomb Squad officers were called to a tow yard in the 3300 block of Smith Avenue in Everett sometime after noon Thursday. According to officers, tow yard employees noticed what appeared to be a suspicious looking device rigged to the gas tank of an impounded car.

Officers called to the scene determined the suspicious device was actually an attempt at converting the gas tank into being able to accept another source of fuel. Whoever had turned in the impounded car left all the nozzles and hoses on the vehicle.

Judging by the fact the vehicle had to be towed, it's safe to say the experiment didn't go too well.


Often times, clunker vehicles are rigged to accept vegetable oil and other alternative fuels.

Officers left the vehicle at the yard.