Everett calls coffee stand a nuisance, orders business to obey the law

EVERETT -- A coffee stand in Everett is under fire from the city. They were told to follow the law or face civil and criminal penalties.

The city of Everett sent notification letters to The Hillbilly Hotties stand at Hoyt Avenue and 41st late last year, according to city officials. The letters told owners to cease alleged prostitution, indecent exposure and other violations of the city's adult entertainment codes.

City officials said the coffee stand could face criminal charges if they break state laws, and they could end up in front of a hearing examiner if they violate civil orders.

Everett police raided the stand in October, according to reports. Three women were arrested. Two of them have since been charged with misdemeanor lewd conduct and adult-entertainment violations.

Police said they are working with the city and the stand's owners to create a plan for keeping the business in accordance with the law.