Everett considering installing red light cameras

EVERETT, Wash. - The city of Everett is considering adding red light cameras to several intersections.

During the Everett City Council Public Safety Subcommittee meeting, city leaders talked about the possibility of investing in red light cameras.

These are the intersections the city is considering adding red-light cameras to:

    City officials say the number of intersections could increase or decrease. The city would lease the cams at a cost of about $4,750 per camera per month.

    The revenue from citations would go toward paying for the cameras and for any other traffic safety improvements.

    People who drive in the city have different opinions.

    “Maybe it would change and have people to actually stop at the red light or start slowing down on a yellow light knowing it’s about to turn red,” said Cassandra Rayfield, who lives in Everett.

    But others don't think red light cams are the answer.

    “I don’t think it’s going to make people a better driver,” said Candice Ailport, who lives in Everett.

    The city has not announced how much a ticket would cost.

    City officials plan to continue the conversation of red-light cams next month.