Everett family fears their 'Scary Clown' Halloween costumes may not be received well

EVERETT -- Halloween is a month long event for one Everett family.  Mom, Brandy, decides the costume theme each year and this year, she decided on scary clowns.

Brandy says she made the decision, and spent about $90 on costumes and accessories, before learning about the scary clown controversy sweeping the nation.

“Some people are saying maybe we might not end up with candy. Some people might not open doors,” says Brandy.

For several months, in communities all over the U.S., we’ve heard reports of creepy clowns allegedly trying to lure children; some even reportedly carrying knives and machetes, inflicting fear in the hearts of many.

“Trick or treating this year, I want to make sure our family is safe,” says Brandy.

Brandy is afraid they may be targeted and harassed for dressing up like scary clowns. And she’s not the only one concerned.

“I’m a little scared that people might hurt us because we are dressing up as clowns and a lot of stuff has been going around about clowns,” says her son, little Jay.

Law enforcement warns common sense is your best bet if you or your kids decide to clown around this Halloween.

“If the kids are going to dress as clowns this Halloween and they are going in groups, along with other people dressed as other types of costumes, probably not going have a problem.  If you’re by yourself, you walk into a store or restaurant intentionally trying to scare people; you’re probably going to have a problem,” says Pierce County Detective, Ed Troyer.

While mom, Brandy, is still on the fence, Dad, 'big Jay,' offers this advice: “The people that choose to stand alone in bushes and stuff like that are the ones instigating problems. The ones that are going door to door and trick or treating, you can tell the difference of who’s who, and what they’re up to.”