Everett man recalls terrifying moments of truck attack in Nice, France

EVERETT  --  It was a terrifying moment for an Everett man, as he recalls the frightening attack in Nice, France.

“You can't see through the crowd. We're walking right towards the speeding truck that's literally killing people left and right. When the gunshots took off it was just complete mayhem,” says Charles Shipman.

Many of us saw that moment and the people running in fear when a truck plowed through a crowd of people celebrating the Bastille Day fireworks earlier this month.

Shipman found himself in the midst of thousands of people, running for their lives. He says he and his girlfriend made their way to a nearby casino, taking refuge inside.

“I think it’s really important that people do get on that plane, that they do go to these events, otherwise, these terrorists are getting what they want,” says Shipman.

He says he's sharing his story because he doesn't want people to be afraid.  Whether you live in or around a tourist hotspot like Seattle or you're traveling abroad this summer, Shipman says don't be afraid to go, but don't forget to keep your wits about you.