Everett man talks of his close call with lightning

EVERETT -- It was a lightning storm the likes of which is seldom seen in Western Washington.

An estimated strikes occurred across the state and Oregon, too, on Monday night alone.

Joey Goldman shot incredible video of a lightning strike and admits it was way too close for comfort and left him feeling as though he had been 'tased.'

"It just comes right in front of me and I hear a tick right before and I thought it was done because the thunder was coming so I didn't think there was going to be a follow-up lightning bolt and it just came down right in front of me and I almost dropped my camera. I just didn't know what to do,” 'Goldman said.

Goldman is the third person who believes he may have been struck by lightning here in as many weeks.

Rob Montejano was struck last week at Seattle's Green Lake.

"Noise, owe, owe, noise! It was like my whole body, it just went bam though my body! It wasn't a zzzzz thing. At the time it hit, I wasn't thinking about anything, and then afterwards I was thinking, this was a really bad idea and I need to get out of here and get to safety,” Montejano said.

Experts say the problem is we just don't have these types of storms here very often so people really don't quite understand the danger.

It happened again in the Green Lake neighborhood.

The strike hit a garage, which caught fire and put a family’s lives at risk.

Fortunately, all in all, injuries have been minor.

"Everyone seems to be safe and OK, so that's the good news, but the garage, we can't say the same for,” Green Lake resident Kelly Henthorn said.

More people are now heeding the warnings and staying inside when lightning strikes outside.

"I just tried to get some lightning on camera and it kinda came up in my face and I didn't expect that, so I've never been scared of lightning, ever, now I am,” Goldman said.