Everett Police to use 'bait cars' to catch auto, catalytic converter thieves

Everett Police are hoping to catch catalytic converter thieves with a new operation involving ‘bait cars.’

The operation is called "Project CATCON ID," and involves staging cars to bait out catalytic converter thieves. If someone attempts to get under the car and take the converter, they will be met with a surprise arrest, police say.

Western Washington has seen a rash of catalytic converter thefts in recent years—an exhaust control device underneath cars, which can be easily sawed off by thieves and sold off for the precious metals inside.

The rise in thefts has even prompted nine law enforcement agencies to team up and form a task force to address it.

Everett PD’s bait car program also targets license plate thefts and car thefts in general.

Part of this program also involves the Everett community. Authorities want car owners to engrave the last eight digits of their vehicle identification number (VIN) on the catalytic converter, then highlight it with high-temperature paint.

If your converter is stolen and reported, police can quickly track it back to you if it is found.

Car owners are also encouraged to use anti-theft locking screws on their license plates, and to lock their steering wheel with a vehicle club. Everett PD’s north precinct sells them for $16.


9 agencies form task force to stop catalytic converter theft

As catalytic converter thefts continue to rise in the area, nine law enforcement agencies announced that they are teaming up to form a task force.

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