Everett woman charged with lying about suspect in Thomas Wales cold case

SEATTLE -- What could be a break in the Thomas Wales murder case is leaving more questions than answers as a 34-year-old woman from Everett now awaits a jury trial.

According to court documents, Shawna Reid is accused of making false material declarations while under oath before a federal grand jury.

Records show Reid was interviewed by Seattle Police detectives in August 2017 and then appeared before the grand jury in February the following year.

She was asked, "in your first interview did you say to the FBI that bragged to you about involvement in the murder of a quote judge or attorney that lives on top of a hill, end quote.

Reid answered no, under oath.

The records allege that Reid told detectives in 2017 that a suspect had bragged to her about their involvement in the murder of a judge or lawyer that lives on top of a hill, and also stated several times that the suspect had called the murder victim a quote “attorney general.”

Reid’s lawyer Kevin Peck says Reid was charged June 20 and surrendered to the US Marshals Tuesday morning.

She was held in custody until a court hearing, where the magistrate judge agreed to release Reid on her own recognizance.

Peck says the US attorney wasn’t requesting she remain in custody.

“My job is to represent Miss Reid to the best of my ability and I’m gonna do so. I certainly feel sorry for the Wales family and I hope they find the person that unfortunately murdered Mr. Wales.”

Reid will face a jury on charges for making false declarations before a grand jury and obstruction of justice; that date is set for October 28.

The reward money for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in the Wales case is at more than $1.5 million.