'Every resident deserves to feel safe'; Tacoma Mayor responds to recent spate of homicides

Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards issued a statement in light of four fatal shootings in the city over the weekend, three of which occurred in a single day.

Early Saturday morning, two men were shot near Division Ave and N. Yakima Dr—they were checked into the hospital where one man was later pronounced dead. Monday morning, two men were shot and killed on S Hosmer St. Then on Monday night, another man was shot and killed on East M St.

"I am saddened to hear of the four homicides that occurred over the last week and am reminded that we must continue our efforts to prioritize violent crime reduction," said Woodards. "Violent incidents cause ripples of trauma that affect the families of those impacted, and the community at large. While investigations are ongoing, I am confident that the Tacoma Police Department with its high crime-solving rate will find the individuals responsible and help ensure that they are held accountable."

Tacoma Police Chief Avery Moore announced a strategy in July to tackle the city's rising crime rates, involving 'hotspot' patrols, monitoring problem addresses and jailing repeat offenders. In early November, Moore revealed the results of the strategy and found they reduced violent crime by 30%.

But some were not convinced.

Just a week prior to Moore's presentation, Tacoma's crime data showed a 50% increase in homicides and 90% increase in property theft over the last year. The Tacoma Police Union also penned a letter to Moore criticizing the results, which they claimed were "misleading."


Tacoma Police Union says police chief's reports of falling crime 'misleading'

The Tacoma Police Union sent a letter to the city council and police chief, claiming the most recent crime data presentation was misleading and far from the truth.

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"Every resident deserves to feel safe in our city, and I remain committed to actions that will make Tacoma the safest city in the world, including investing $372 million in community safety in the budget we will consider tonight and supporting Police Chief Avery Moore in advancing the Violent Crime Reduction Plan," said Woodards.

You can learn more about Tacoma's Violent Crime Reduction Plan on the city website.