VIDEO: Car crashes into Bellevue restaurant, sends diners scrambling

The Swish Swish Hot Pot restaurant in Bellevue is temporarily closed for repairs after a car crashed through the storefront on Wednesday. 

"We experienced a shocking incident: a car crashed into our restaurant," the restaurant wrote in a social media post. "It was sudden and startling, but by some miracle, everyone is safe. We're incredibly relieved and grateful that there were no serious injuries."  

Video of the crash was posted to the restaurant’s social media accounts. On its Instagram page, the crash was called "sudden and startling."  

The sixteen-second clip shows a four-door sedan backing up into the storefront at a high rate of speed, crashing through the glass and hitting a booth where people were sitting. The individuals nearby quickly scrambled away from the car after it came to a stop.

(Facebook/Swish Swish - Bellevue)

The Bellevue Fire Department said it transported two people to the hospital with lower leg pain. 

"We believe this is a reflection of the collective good we all contribute to, a kind of protective energy born from our shared acts of kindness and community spirit," Swish Swish said about the crash. 

(Facebook/Swish Swish - Bellevue)

"We look forward to welcoming you back soon and are thankful for the chance to serve you again. Until then, we wish everyone well and are here to support our staff and customers through this startling experience," the restaurant said in the post. 

(Facebook/Swish Swish - Bellevue)

The restaurant thanked its followers for their patience and support. The restaurant did not say how long repairs would take or offer a time for reopening, but it did encourage patrons to visit its Lynnwood location at 3000 184th Street Southwest Suite 947. 

The circumstances surrounding the crash remain under investigation. The restaurant organized an online fundraiser to support their employees.