Ex-cop scattered casings, fired shots to back up fake story

ENGLAND, Ark. (AP) — A former police officer in Arkansas who admitted to fabricating a story that he was shot during a traffic stop has been arraigned.

Court documents say Sgt. David Houser made it look like a shooting occurred by scattering shell casings in the road and firing rounds into a nearby field.

Houser initially said a driver he pulled over had brandished a handgun and shot him Oct. 24. He later amended his story to say he shot himself in the chest.

Houser was fired and arrested on a charge of filing a false police report Nov. 3. He was charged in Lonoke County Circuit Court Monday morning.

Special prosecutor Jack McQuary says Houser pleaded not guilty.

Houser has been appointed a public defender. A trial date has been set for March.


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