Extreme fire danger has Gov. Inslee 'looking into' state fireworks laws

OLYMPIA, Washington – Thanks to tinder-dry conditions, prolonged record temperatures and a devastating drought statewide Gov. Jay Inslee says he’s "looking into" what can be done to help restrict private fireworks.

Inslee told Q13 FOX News he doesn’t have the legal authority for a statewide ban under the current circumstances, but said state statues need to change to give counties and cities more flexibility in enacting local bans.

“Current law states fireworks restrictions or bans can only go into effect one year after a city or town adopts the ordinance,” said the Governor’s office in a statement to Q13 FOX News. “The governor believes locals should be given more flexibility to deal with weather or drought conditions in which they feel fireworks would pose a high risk to the safety of their community.”

Inslee said he consulted with legal counsel over whether he could enact a statewide ban and was advised against it. Instead he’s officially urging extreme caution and asking the public to ‘consider limiting or foregoing use of fireworks.’