Families protest proposed opioid treatment center location in Lynnwood

Families and city council members held a protest near the proposed site of an opioid treatment center in Lynnwood.

"It is outrageous this is so close to a Boys and Girls Club, where kids and family go to spend time," said council member Julieta Altamirano-Crosby.

Altamirano-Crosby said plans for the Lynnwood Comprehensive Treatment Center even took the council by surprise. She says the council wasn't notified until Dec. 12.

A public hearing was held on Dec. 29, and in response to concerns shared that day, the Washington Department of Health and Acadia Healthcare issued their responses on Jan. 12.

Acadia Healthcare outlines the outreach they've conducted so far, but it wasn't enough for protestors.

"They haven't showed up in person to any of the city meetings," said Vivian Dong, founder of SafeLynnwood. "They've always just been hiding on a Zoom call."

Though Acadia's response says it'll hire a security guard for its opioid treatment program in Lynnwood, Dong isn't assured kids will be safe—with the Alderwood Boys and Girls Club and Alderwood Little League just a few hundred feet away from Lynnwood CTC.

Dong feels Acadia Healthcare should have notified the public sooner.

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"I think they should look for another, more perfect location with all of the input and concerns from the public at the very beginning," said Dong.

The Washington Department of Health has not issued a license for Lynnwood CDC but in their response, the agency says it is under review, with no timeline for when they'll come to a decision.