Family given free car after theirs is stolen

FEDERAL WAY -- For the Brown family, the past five days have been an emotional roller coaster.

The theft of their car left them unable to take their son Curtis, who has special needs, to his doctor's appointments. Dad couldn't get to physical therapy and mom had no way to get to work.

stolencarfoloToday, that is all behind them now thanks to Payless Auto Mart in Federal Way.

"You hear terrible things on the news and it's good to know that there are wonderful, loving generous people out there that would help us,” car theft victim Melissa Brown said.

After the original story aired Monday, offers to help came pouring in; cash and several offers to donate the Tacoma family a car.

"Had no idea that people were generous enough and calls were coming in and emails were coming in saying we want to donate a car to you and when we heard that we were just like on my Gosh. God bless,” Melissa said. "That's what we kept saying; God bless those people."

Payless Auto Mart donated a 1998 Buick Park Avenue to the Brown family.

"It`s a good car.  It`s a strong car.  It`s a solid car,” car theft victim Michael Brown said.

Payless Auto Mart has been in business only about four months, but the owner says he feels a strong sense of community and wanted to help.

"Well my boss was watching the news and saw the story and he thought to himself: you know he's got a couple of cars.  He could give back to the community and give somebody a better life,” Payless Auto Mart service manager Dell Garcia said.

One car, free and clear, to a family who needed it.

In exchange for the car, the owner said he will settle for the good karma that comes with doing a good deed.

"I just want to say thanks for the car and thank you for helping me look for the car and I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, by the way, and God bless them,” Curtis Brown said.

The Brown’s stolen car was found yesterday not far from their home. It had been trashed inside and out and was no longer in running condition. Fortunately the owner of Payless Auto Mart still agreed to give them the car.

The entire Brown family say they are very grateful for that and promises to pay it forward.

"There are some good people in this world who do care,” Michael said.

Watch the original Q13 FOX News report of the car theft: