Family hopes to find attacker who shot beloved dog with arrow

RAYMOND -- Owners of a 5-year-old husky are hoping police investigate an apparent case of animal assault that left their family dog fighting for its life.

On Sept. 7, the owners of Sampson, a prized family husky, took him to the Willapa Veterinary Service Center in Raymond with a large laceration over his left eye.

The owners told veterinarians they let their dogs out on their two family dogs out on their 30-acre property while one family member was doing yard work. Normally, the dogs stay close, but this time they ran off.

One dog return, but the family grew concerned when Sampson was nowhere to be found. Hours later, he was later collapsed on their driveway and the family rushed him to the veterinarian.

Vets at Willapa treated Sampson and found an arrow embedded deep in his skull, the family said. Because of the severity of the injury, Sampson was transferred to the Summit Veterinary Refrral Center in Tacoma, where the arrow was removed.

Sampson is recovering, vets at Summit said, and was able to return home with his family over the weekend.

The family told Q13 FOX News about the incident, and are hoping to get the police involved to find out what happened to Sampson.

If you have any information about the dog's wounds, contact 911.

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