Family narrowly escapes Kent house fire

KENT, Wash. -- Six people, including an infant narrowly escaped a house fire early Sunday morning in Kent. The Kent Fire Department has just ruled the cause accidental due to smoldering material on the porch.

Fire already began spreading through the Kent home on the 25100 142 Ave. SE when those inside got a rude awakening Sunday.

“I was in the guest bedroom and some man was pounding on the front door and saying the house is on fire,” said Jennifer Zubrod, who was staying in the home.  Zubrod said she escaped out of her window, and she tried to warn others including a family with an infant daughter, staying in the back of the house.

“My first reaction was to get the baby and get out,” said Robert McGillicuddy, who is visiting from Australia with his family.

Kent Fire said fortunately all six people inside the home got out safely but the fire took an hour to extinguish.

“When firefighters got on scene they found a house with a lot of fire and smoke coming from a main floor as well as an attic space,” said Kent Fire Captain Kyle Ohashi.

Kent Fire believes it all started in a planter box on the large deck though the heat source is still unclear.