Family of 3 killed when concrete from bridge construction site falls, crushes pickup

BONNEY LAKE -- Authorities said Monday night they found three bodies in a pickup truck that was crushed earlier in the day when a concrete jersey barrier fell off a bridge construction site near Bonney Lake and onto Angeline Road.

Police earlier reported that one person in the pickup truck had died in the accident. But when recovery was made Monday night, two additional bodies were found in the truck. The dead included a man and woman in their 20s and their baby boy,  police said.

The man and woman were youth pastors at a local church, those who knew them said.

"This is something that hits us all, we all have families, children of our own," said Todd Green with Bonney Lake Police.

Bonney Lake police said the accident occurred just before 11 a.m. when several pieces of jersey barrier fell off the bridge and onto the roadway below. Police said construction crews were attempting to move the jersey barrier when a portion gave way.

Construction was being done on SR410 to complete a sidewalk across the bridge, according to the Bonney Lake Reporter. Angeline Road reopened nearly 12 hours after the initial incident.

Q13 FOX News spoke with the contractor on the project and they declined to comment.

The mayor of Bonney Lake says a thorough safety check will be done along with a full investigation.

Neighbors told Q13 FOX News that they thought they heard thunder at the time of the collapse, as the noise from the concrete hitting the truck below was so loud.