Family pet killed after another coyote attack in Kirkland

There's a predator on the Eastside that has neighbors in Kirkland living in fear.  A coyote recently attacked Chris Carlson's dog, Happy.  He says the coyote jumped his 5 1/2 foot fence and mauled the 25-pound beagle.

Carlson says the coyote hunted his 13-year-old pet, killed her and intended to take her back to it's den.

Since October, Carlson and other neighbors say there have been eight pets attacked by coyotes and they worry the predators are becoming more aggressive.  They're also concerned the coyotes aren't afraid of people.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife says there are thousands of coyotes living in Western Washington and that attacks on people are rare.  In 2006, two coyotes were euthanized after attacking two kids in Bellevue.

While some argue people have moved into the coyotes territory, Carlson see's it differently.  He says the bold and brazen predators are killing pets with their owners nearby and he wants something done now, before another attack happens.

Neighbors in Kirkland have set up a Facebook page, Kirkland Pet Predators, to track the coyote encounters.

According the Department of Fish and Wildlife it is legal to trap or kill a nuisance coyote.  However, Carlson feels such action could put people at risk.

Experts say if you come in contact with a coyote, you should yell, throw things at it, wave your arms and be aggressive.    Coyotes are usually timid and will run away from people.

For more information on ways to prevent coyote attacks, visit the Department of Fish and Wildlife website.