Family raises $15K to help dog born with backward legs

PHELAN, Calif. — A California family is not giving up on an adorable dog with an unusual condition.

The 9-month-old golden retriever doesn't have use of her front legs. Her name is Rexi, like a T-Rex.

"She can stand up and use her back legs fully, and then she scoots around on her chest kind of like a snail," her owner James Cassidy told ABC News.

But after several doctors visits, Cassidy and his wife, Rachel Woertink, still don't have any answers as to why the dog's legs are backwards.

"They all did X-rays and whatnot, and the results always showed her bones were fine," Cassidy said. "A lot of the veterinarians said it could be neurological. And some of them just recommended that we amputate her front legs or put her down."

About a month ago the couple started a fund-rasing account for Rexi. So far, they've raised more than $15,500 for her medical care.

Cassidy and Woertink are now working with Kolman Prosthetics to create a cart and body suit so the happy pooch can run with comfort.