Family responds to announcement of murder charges in 2019 Auburn Police shooting

On Thursday, the people closest to a man shot and killed by an Auburn Police officer said for the first time in months they feel hopeful after murder charges were announced in the shooting.

Officials say Auburn Police officer Jeff Nelson is charged with murder and assault regarding a 2019 incident where he shot and killed Jesse Sarey during an arrest attempt for disorderly conduct.

For 15 months, Sarey’s foster mom, Elaine Simons, says she and the Sarey family waited for answers.

“It was very surprising and shocking. You don’t want to hear that someone that close to you dying that way,” she said.

During a press conference, Simons announced she and the family are hopeful these charges will bring justice to their family and others in similar situations.

“I’m happy for the impacted families. I’m happy for the Sarey family. I’m happy that we’re now going to see how a system can move forward and do something right,” said Simons.

Simons says she and the Sarey family plan to attend the bail hearing this upcoming Monday.