Family speaks out after 2-year-old gets attacked by Internet trolls

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. -- Two-year-old Mariah Anderson has been fighting for her life since she was born.

Now, her family is fending off hateful comments on the Internet.

Mariah was born with a rare condition called Chromosome Two Duplication Syndrome that impairs her learning and motor skills, WCBD reports. Her life expectancy is grim. But she turned 2 years old Saturday, and to celebrate, her mother posted her picture on Facebook.

Mariah's photo was quickly shared more than a thousand times, but not because of Mariah's smile, her family says. Many took the comments section to make fun of her appearance. Some compared her smile to a leprechaun's, and hurled other insulting comments.

Kyra Pringle, Mariah's mother, was horrified.

"The things you guys are saying about my child, she's not a monster," Pringle told WCBD. "She's real."

Others in Mariah's family agreed.

"If you're out there and you're doing these things, and you think that it's funny, it's not funny," Mariah's grandmother Linda Pringle said. "This is actually a human being, this is a child, this is a baby."

Family members now just want the storm to pass, and the picture's viral fame to die out.

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