Navy vet paralyzed after Tukwila drive-by shooting, brother says military training likely saved his life

A Navy veteran is now paralyzed after his family says he was ambushed while driving home from work on I-5.  

On Feb. 20, more than 20 bullets hit Evan Hershey's car as he drove down the freeway near Tukwila.  

His family is now asking for your help to catch the person or people responsible.  

Evan's brother, Adam Hershey, estimates that he was going around 60 mph when the bullets came flying into his brother's car. He feels his brother's quick thinking and military training likely saved his life. Now his family is hoping to raise money to help him recover. 

"There were 20 shots that riddled his car," said Adam. "It wasn’t until the car was disintegrating around him that he realized he was under attack."

Adam says Evan's six years of military training kicked in. Despite being paralyzed by a bullet, Adam says that Evan was able to abruptly stop his car, so the gunmen flew by in their vehicle, leaving Evan out of the line of fire.   

"He controlled his own vehicle, managed to avoid other vehicles and bring the car to a complete stop," said Adam.


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Evan also managed to call for help himself and gave himself first aid, or self-care. He then reached out to his employer and family to tell them what happened as he waited for medical assistance. 

"He was struck twice in the body, and once in the knee, and then once in the flank. That particular pathway went through his kidney, destroying it, and then it went into his spinal cord," said Adam. 

Since the shooting, the once-avid bodybuilder has been adjusting to limited mobility. Evan's family has created an online fundraiser to retro-fit his home for a wheelchair.  

"That’s really the goal of the GoFundMe page, so he can maintain a sense of normalcy in an un-normal world for him," said Adam. 

Evan's military family has already offered support. 

"He did a short stint as a ceremonial guardsman. He stood watch for President Obama’s inauguration and multiple events, such as the unveiling of the 911 memorial services at the Pentagon. After that, he went to the fleet where he served as a fleet Marine Corpsman," he said.  

Adam says his brother Evan is "as tough as they come." which may have been what helped him to survive. 

"I think Evan’s will to live and his love of life is probably what did it more than anything else," said Adam. 

If you have any information about this case that may help law enforcement find the person responsible, you're asked to contact Washington State Patrol here or call 911.