Fans and bars ready for early Hawks game

SEATTLE -- Karolina Longoria is a devoted Hawks fan.

"I've been a hawks fan my whole life and always will be,” Longoria said.

However, she doesn't plan to stand by her Hawks. She plans to sit at a booth and watch them on t.v. at 95 Slide instead.

"We started coming here for preseason games and we've been here every weekend to watch our Hawks play.  Monday night football.  Thursday night football. And, here through the playoffs. So, I'm hoping to be here Super Bowl Sunday watching the hawks win it all,” Longoria said.

Longoria is like many Hawks fans making plans to watch the early game Sunday at a local bar.

"We'll be here ready to go. Well lubricated by game time,” one fan said.

Seattle bar owners are preparing for a business blitz. 95 Slide will open its doors at 8 a.m. to serve breakfast and drinks.  That's earlier than ever before.   Bar owners say they don't mind the early wake up call.

Marcus Lalario is the owner of 95 Slide. He said, "I built this bar to watch sports you know what I mean? I'm a sports fan first and this is just something fun for me to do and get down here and have some fun with my friends. We're super excited here.”

The folks at Fuel will also open their doors at 8 a.m.

Megan Morris is part-owner at Fuel. She said, "We are excited. We're staffing up. We're gonna have lot of prizes to give away and raffle.  Should be lots of fun.”

Until the clock runs out on this miraculous season, fans and bar owners will continue to cheer on these Hawks no matter when they play.

"I probably won't sleep tonight thinking about it,” Longoria said.  “I have dreams of this game plan in my head and how the defense is gonna go and Russell Wilson.”

"This is by far the most excitement I've seen since the Super Bowl run. Seattle is starving for a winner,” Mike Morris said.