Fans feeling the Hawk hype

SEATTLE -- As the Seahawks prepared to take off into the post season, fans were flocking to send them off.

“We are the best, #1 fans in the NFL. Of course we have to show our support,” Amanda Lovell said.

Local celebrities showed their support by raising the 12th man a top the space needle.

Fans like Thomas Fitch are buying into the team and spending money at local sports shops.

I’ve got some old jerseys of players that don’t play with the Seahawks anymore,” Fitch said.  “So, I figured I would get one of my favorite players.”

Emily and Ryan Scott agreed to love each other for better or for worse. This weekend their house is divided.

“My in-laws are all Redskins fans too,” Ryan Scott said.  “It’s a delicate balance between rooting for your own team and trying to offend anybody.”

At Champions Party Supply in Seattle, a single helium balloon is the only thing left with the Seahawks logo.

“Some year’s we’re awesome and everyone’s looking at us like how do you not have Seahawks stuff and other years we’re not doing that well and I have a whole shelf full of stuff that no one’s buying because if we’re losing, no one’s really in the party mode,” Victoria Champion said.

From the young to the young at heart, everyone is feeling the hawk hype, but no one puts in on display like Steve Mish of Kirkland.

Every year, Steve and his son Anthony, put on a spectacular light display to show their true colors.

“This year we decided to go with the blue and white and kind of tone it down a bit,” Mish said. “It’s just a great team this year. They’re playing together. I’d love to see them in the super bowl.”

You can view Steve Mish’s light display for yourself. He lives on the 11,000 block of NE 100th street in Kirkland.