Fans give Seahawks grand sendoff before Sunday's game

Bellevue - Hundreds of Hawks fans kicked off their Friday morning with a huge pep rally in Monroe. The Blue Friday Bus tour made two more stops in Kirkland and Bellevue. Fans shouted their love and showed off their pride waving the 12th flag. Each fan proclaimed their favorite players and favorite moment of the season. A favorite moment for Jay Harris, wearing a wig and trying to look like Marshawn Lynch, is when he heard Lynch is back for Sunday’s game against the Panthers. From the rally in Kirkland to the one in Bellevue, fans feasted on each other`s excitement. They also got to see Blitz and watch the Sea Gals perform. Former Seahawks player and Super Bowl winner Sidney Rice says Friday’s grand sendoff from all across Western Washington is what keeps the players motivated. “It’s one of the speechless things I’ve ever seen, the support of everyone standing on the side of the road thousands and thousands of people,” Rice said. And no matter where you watch the game this Sunday, the overwhelming prediction is clear. Q13 News asked one fan what Russell Wilson would be saying to his team come game day. “Let’s do this team, we are going to win this thing and on one is going to take it from us,” Andrew Jones said.