'Fat Girl' costumes on Walmart website removed after uproar from customers

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — Wal-Mart was targeting plus-size women searching for Halloween costumes by selling “Fat Girl Costumes” on its website, but the major retailer later took it down after an uproar from customers.

“Female Vampire,” “Saloon Girl” and “Queen of Hearts” were some of the costumes being sold in the “fat girl” section on the store’s website.

One customer wrote on the store's Facebook page: "'Fat Girl Costumes' really?"

Another wrote: "Why work out when I can get my 'fat girl costumes' at my local Walmart? (and it is still up at 11:13am EST by the way). You guys really just don't care not only about your employees but your customers too! Great job Walmart!"

It was taken down Monday, and this apology was posted:

"This never should have been on our site. It is unacceptable, and we apologize. We worked quickly to remove it this morning and are taking additional steps to ensure this never happens again."