Father continues to fight to bring his child home after kidnapping 5 years ago

For nearly five years, Jay Sung has known where his kidnapped son is located and who took him away, but no one has been able to get his child back to him.

In 2019, Jay Sung says he agreed to allow his ex-wife, Minjung Cho, to take their 3-year-old son, Bryan, to Korea.

Sung says Bryan was supposed to be in the country for three weeks, but nearly five years later he is still fighting to get his son back.

"I remember that day, it replays in my mind almost every night, and it was my biggest mistake to let him go to Korea. Just trusting that the law and the regulations would work the way that they are supposed to," said Sung.

Sung says Cho prevents him from having contact with his son, who Sung says is a U.S. citizen and who Sung has full custody of.

"Does he even know where dad is? Does he even know who dad is? What are they telling Bryan? Does he even know why he had to grow up without his dad," he said.

Bryan is listed as a missing and endangered person.

Cho faces charges in the United States.

FBI officials tell FOX 13 News they are involved in the case. 

As well, Representative Kim Schrier is also working to return Bryan to Sung. Her office provided a statement which reads.

"Representative Schrier is doing everything in her power to swiftly return Bryan to his father, Jay. It is frustrating that Korean officials have not enforced the legally required return of Bryan to his father in the United States, where he belongs," said Office Spokesperson, Hana Tadesse. "This is not a 'civil matter' but rather a gross injustice and a disregard for Bryan’s welfare and the U.S. justice system. She will continue to advocate on behalf of Jay and Bryan, and hopes they are reunited soon." 

Sung is also taking his own action. He is spreading awareness about his story by handing out information at Pike Place Market and the Korean Consulate building in Seattle.

"This is a matter that cannot be delayed any further. I’m asking Korean government to take action and keep their promise to the international world, and make sure that children like Bryan will not suffer because of the injustice and the flaw in the system," he said.