FBI Seattle: 120+ investigations involving potential terror links

SEATTLE -- Federal agents in Washington state are investigating a growing number of cases involving potential terror links, both foreign and domestic, according to the head of the FBI’s Seattle Division.

In an interview on Q13 News Friday, Frank Montoya, Jr., said the bureau has more than 120 active cases, up from an estimated 70 to 100 in mid-December of 2015.

The majority of those investigations began with civilians tipping authorities off to suspicious behavior, Montoya said.

Such was the case in Montesano last week, when agents arrested a man on federal gun charges. According to court documents, neighbors of Daniel Seth Franey, 33, turned him in after he was heard going on pro-Isis rants. He’s also accused of making threats to attack military installations and kill American soldiers.

“In these instances, you have to look for that moment - and it’s about gauging that moment - when somebody may be about to cross the line or, unfortunately, has already crossed the line. And then we act,” said Montoya, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI in Seattle.

You can watch the entire interview, below.