FBI: Stanwood man jailed, accused of making threats against police and judges

SEATTLE (AP) — A man accused by the FBI of making threats against police and judges was ordered to remain in custody on a firearms charge.

On Monday, a federal magistrate ordered Shuyler Barbeau of Stanwood to stay in federal detention while he faces a charge of illegally possessing a short-barrel assault rifle.

The FBI agent who investigated the case says Barbeau wanted to sell that rifle and use the money to buy a more powerful firearm.

The agent says Barbeau told a confidential informant he wanted a gun that fired 7.62-millimeter rounds because they would be more effective in shoot-outs with law enforcement.

The agent also said Barbeau complained that the police and judges were not upholding their oath of office.

Barbeau allegedly said he and other "like-minded" individuals planned to physically remove a California judge who presided over a misdemeanor firearms case against Barbeau in 2014.