FDA warning: Lead found in China-made Bo-Ying herbal product for infants, children

OLYMPIA -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration sent out an alert regarding Bo-Ying Compound,  an herbal product used to treat a wide variety of conditions in infants and children, after lead was found in the product.

The Washington State Department of Health said it wants people to be aware about the lead found in Bo-Ying Compound manufactured by Eu Yan Sang in Hong Kong and to not use it.

"This product is also manufactured by other companies and may also contain lead so people are urged not to use any Bo-Ying Compound products," the department said.

The Department of Health’s Childhood Lead Prevention Program warns parents and caregivers not to buy or use these products.

"Anyone who has used these products or given them to a child should contact a health care provider to evaluate the need for a blood-lead test," the department said.

"Lead poisoning in babies and young children is usually not immediately obvious, even low levels of lead exposure have been linked to impaired cognitive functioning in children like reduced IQ, behavioral difficulties and other health problems," it said.

The agency has more information on common sources of lead and ways to prevent exposure.

To date, the department said, no cases of lead poisoning linked to these products have been reported in Washington state, however it’s likely that these products are available and in use in our state.