Fighting the chronic shortage of socks at shelters

SEATTLE - Socks are a lifeline. Not just for warmth and comfort but for health. The chronic shortage of socks at shelters is what prompted the "10 for 10 Sock Drive" organized by the group Dignity for Divas.

The third annual drive runs through November 18th with the goal being 10,000 pairs of socks to distribute to 10 local shelters and outreach organizations. Dignity for Divas is a Seattle non-profit that delivers personal care items and hope to homeless women living in Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, Kent, Tukwila and in local shelters.

The feet of homeless men, women and children without access to clean, dry socks can become infected and blistered to the point that they are unable to walk. As the cold winter months approach, the need for socks increases. Moisture-wicking socks are especially important since they pull moisture away from the skin so that infections and blisters can be prevented. Those with Diabetes especially need well-fitting socks which can prevent skin injury, infection and even amputations. Clean, well-fitting socks are a vital part of keeping all feet healthy.

Monetary donations are strongly encouraged that allows Dignity for Divas to purchase socks at wholesale prices and get more per dollar. For only $8, one individual's sock needs can be taken care of for one full year.

Donations can be made here. The organization has also created an Amazon Wish List for the drive that can be found here.