Final tours of what was once under water behind the Elwha Dam

PORT ANGELES - It's your last chance to take a guided walk on land that used to be under water, behind the Elwha Dam. Olympic National Park rangers are leading the final walking tours along the Elwha River, and through what was once Lake Aldwell, the Peninsula Daily News reported.

The free, two-hour walks are Tuesday at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

The lake drained away in 2012 after the Elwha Dam was removed, park of the park's effort to restore the Elwha River and its legendary salmon runs, the paper reported.

The river tours allow visitors "a fascinating, up-close look at shifting sediments, both old and new vegetation, giant stumps logged a century ago and the river re-establishing itself," the Olympic National Park said in a news release.

Tour takers can also see the narrow canyon where the Elwha Dam used to be, the paper reported.