Fire marshals ask people to lay off the fireworks during this dry, hot summer

LYNNWOOD -- Fire departments across Western Washington are warning about the dangers of lighting off fireworks

Weather conditions are so hot and dry that brush fires can quickly burn out of control, and now some fire departments are asking people to not buy fireworks at all.

This is the first year fireworks are banned in the city of Lynnwood – but even in towns where they are legal, people are being asked to not set off fireworks.

“We’re expecting a season that’s going to be really tough on us,” said Lt. Mike Vanderpoel with the Lynnwood Fire Department.

On Thursday night, nearly 200 feet of grass burned behind Meadowdale High School and nearby a spent roman candle was discovered; that’s all it took to start a brush fire.

“The fire conditions that we’re experiencing right now, they’re kind of unprecedented for us,” added Vanderpoel.

Fire marshals all across the state are begging people to forgo home fireworks and attend a safe, public fireworks show instead.

“We are seeing a significant fire danger right now,” said Chief Tom Maloney with the Marysville Fire Marshal’s office. “Even though we are classified as moderate, but this hot weather that is going to come this weekend and the Fourth of July, will only put us at high and extreme fire danger.”

If you’re caught with fireworks in Lynnwood, even if you don’t light them off, you could face stiff fines and even jail time.

In other communities like Renton and Everett, officials are planning special patrols this year to shut down neighborhood fireworks before they can spark trouble.