Fire & Rescue crew members adopt litter of abandoned cats

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(South King Fire & Rescue)

Crew members at South King Fire & Rescue adopted a litter of abandoned cats left outside their Auburn fire station.

According to the department, on April 7, some neighbors found two cats and three kittens left outside by South King Station 65—which officials note is under renovation and is currently not staffed. They cared for the cats that night, then brought them to Station 64 the next day.

As it turned out, the crew at the station that day were avid cat-lovers, and decided to adopt them.

The cats were checked for microchips and information on prior owners, but nothing came up. Lieutenant Hoag and crew members Dubois, McPherson and Shelden took the kitties—Chewpawcca, Marco, Martina, Darth Kittyous and Fergie—to their forever homes.

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But, the story does not end there.

Hoag’s cat was able to foster and nurse another litter of abandoned kittens found in Yelm. Those kittens—Eloise, Moose and Gandalf—are about four weeks old now and will be heading to their forever homes at the end of May, the department says.

South King Fire & Rescue urges people to always reach out to animal services first, but say they are always willing to direct people to the right resources.

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This story, they say, was just a happy coincidence!