Firefighter badly burned in Twisp is improving; awake and alert in hospital

SEATTLE -- Daniel Lyon was the only firefighter to survive when flames shifted on his crew this summer in Twisp. Three others were killed.

Lyon has undergone multiple surgeries at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. He suffered burns to more than 60-percent of his body.

He is still in serious condition in intensive care, but his doctors and parents told Q13 FOX he continues to make big improvements -- and is awake and alert.

Lyon is just starting the phase of healing and recovery.

"It's really just been recently that he's come to everything, and I know it's very hard for him," said his father Daniel, Sr. "He has some difficult moments with it but he is doing better."

He is on a limited diet and isn't eating solid foods yet, but his dad is adamant that he'll make a full recovery.

Doctors say many of his burned areas have already healed completely. His voice is slowly coming back and now sounds like a hoarse whisper.

More than 200 fire departments and police departments have sent patches to Lyon showing their support. His mom is planning to sew the patches into three quilts for the families of the fallen firefighters.

His parents say the first thing he wants to do when he gets back home is to see his dog and eat a steak.