Fireworks believed to be cause of Redmond brush fire

REDMOND, Wash. – Redmond firefighters believe fireworks are to blame for a brush fire in a neighborhood near Bear Creek. Fortunately, no property was damaged in the afternoon blaze on Saturday.

“It was like boom, boom, boom,” said Alice Tong, describing the sounds she heard. It caught her off guard, and she quickly dismissed it.

“Why would anyone do firecrackers in the middle of the day,” she asked herself.

It’s exactly what firefighters thought when they arrived in Redmond just before noon. The scorched ground was littered with firework casings.

“In weather like this, it’s even more dangerous and more concerning to everybody involved when there’s a fire caused by fireworks,” said Battalion Chief Craig Soucy. He’s with the Renton Regional Fire Authority and said no matter what anyone thinks, he said right now King and Pierce counties are in a danger zone.

“As we start to see these 90 degree temperatures and the wind pick up in the afternoons, that’s when it gets really concerning to us,” said Soucy. “A little brush fire on the side of a road can turn into a major incident really quick.”

The brushy area just outside many neighborhoods is called an urban interface. It’s in that area, the brush fire started near Bear Creek. Soucy said they’re all over and at this time of year can be risky.

“A fire can start and spread here rapidly,” said Soucy.

A thrown cigarette, a spark from a car, even an ember from a backyard fire pit is all it takes, he said.

Fire conditions are getting worse said Soucy, 10 days of sun and high temperatures forecasted mean his department is on high alert.

Tong said if it turns out to be fireworks that started the fire near her home, she has something to say to the person.

“Do it at your own risk, not risking everybody else.”

The Redmond Fire Department did not know if charges would be filled in the case.