Flood Warning issued for Snoqualmie River through Sunday

A flood warning has been issued for the Snoqualmie River after heavy rains on Friday started a quick rise in river levels.

The National Weather Service issued the flood warning on Saturday morning, extending from Snoqualmie Falls downstream to past Carnation. Forecasters expected the Snoqualmie to rise above its flood stage of 51 feet in Carnation by 10 am, with a forecast crest of 55.7 feet predicted for Saturday night. The river is expected to drop back below flood stage on Sunday.

The river did crest around midday by Snoqualmie Falls, and went back below flood stage soon after. The crest at Carnation is expected to happen around 4 pm, with a fall back below flood stage by early Sunday morning.

King County has also opened its Flood Warning Center to monitor the Snoqualmie and issue alerts as needed. They have the river in a Phase II flood stage, and expected to issue a Phase III warning  later on Saturday. Officials warn that some roads near the river could be affected by the high water. The center will stay open until the Snoqualmie River falls back below flood stage.

The biggest impact will be between Fall City and Duvall, as the river will flood low-lying farmland and roads. No flooding expected downstream from Duvall or in the Snohomish River, which the Snoqualmie flows into at Monroe.