Forget everything you know about Facebook's 'Like' button -- big changes on the way

Facebook introduced the like button almost 7 years ago.

Since then it's become a standard on social media, from Instagram to Vine to Twitter, which recently changed from "favorites" to "likes."

And now it's finally changing.

Bloomberg reports Facebook will be rolling out several different emotional "reactions" to users in the United States "in the next few weeks."

In addition to the "like" you'll soon be able to respond with love, haha, wow, sad and angry.

Facebook has been testing these options in several other countries and recently rolled them out in Japan.

The new choices may not be noticeable right away. Mobile users will have to press and hold for the "reactions" to pop up.

For those of you who've been clamoring for a "dislike" button for years -- sorry, it's still not coming.