Former US Attorney: Supreme Court won’t intervene in election lawsuits ‘anytime soon’

Even when the last ballot is counted, the race for president may not be over. President Donald Trump and his campaign filed lawsuits in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia to stop counting ballots, claiming in part that the campaign hasn’t been given proper access to observe. 

Also in Pennsylvania, the president has asked the Supreme Court to intervene in a case over whether the state can count ballots that arrive in the mail after Election Day. 

Former U.S. Attorney John McKay told Q13 News that the Supreme Court likely would not intervene anytime soon, noting that elections are state-run and would likely start in state courts. 

“If they have to make a decision at the end of a long process to determine whether appropriate steps were taken under the U.S. Constitution, then they might do that,” McKay said. “I think that is only a remote possibility but it certainly won’t happen anytime soon. There won’t be any intervention in the next 72 hours by the United States Supreme Court.”

With later ballot returns in key states trending in former Vice President Joe Biden’s direction, McKay said that with multiple lawsuits and statements, the president is trying to sow doubt in the results and undercut the electoral process. 

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