Foxes are denning, searching for crawlspaces to raise their litters in Pullman

Foxes have begun denning in and around the city of Pullman to find safe and comfortable places to raise their litters. 

The Pullman Police Department posted a video to their Facebook page showing a fox caught on a resident’s home security camera. Authorities say that in the next couple of days, the people of Pullman may find families of foxes denning in their yards, under their decks, or in any other accessible crawlspaces.

As fox kits grow, the families will begin to venture out of the den. Within a couple of months, they will begin hunting and may travel further from home. Authorities say fox families may abandon their dens temporarily, but often return home to the same den. 

According to Pullman Police, foxes are not dangerous to humans, except under extreme circumstances. Authorities say foxes don’t prey on cats, however they do eat smaller pets or livestock. It is recommended to keep these animals inside or in protected areas while foxes are present. 

For more information, including ways to deter foxes from your property, you are urged to visit the human society’s website. 

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