Friends say latest Seattle shooting victim was Somali native

Friends say Mohamed Osman was killed in a shooting in Seattle's International District

SEATTLE -- Police are investigating a deadly shooting overnight in the International District. The gunman is still on the loose.

Friends say the latest victim was 27-year-old Mohamed Osman, a Somali native, who moved to Seattle a few years ago.

“Mohamed should have a great future ahead for him,” says Hassan Diis, a friend of the victim. “He shouldn`t have this problem today. It`s a big loss for our community, he was a great guy.”

Osman is the fourth person to be killed in a shooting in Seattle this week. Although the incidents do not appear to be related, many people are worried.

“It`s very scary when you live in the neighborhood that it happens in, and it can happen any time,” says Lisa Tsui, who lives in the International District.

“I feel scared, I do not feel safe,” adds Sara Tsehaye.

On Friday, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray held a press conference and said the only way to curb the recent gun violence is to enact more gun control measures.

“We need to engage in a rational conversation about the number of guns that are out there in the wrong hands,” he said.

Many residents agree that something needs to be done.

“I can just go to Walmart, give my driver’s license and possibly pick up a semi-automatic,” says Nadeem Uddin. “This is ridiculous. It’s the Wild, Wild West here again.”

“It seems like everybody has a gun now,” adds Diis. “Everybody is a potential target for damage.”

But he says guns aren't the only problem. He thinks the police need to do a better job, reaching out to the different ethnic groups in the city. He says this latest shooting could have avoided if police had paid more attention to the problems brewing in Seattle’s Somali community.

“The Seattle police department doesn`t have anyone with a Somali background representing the community,” he says. “You need to have people in the community be part of the department, so there`s a mutual trust and respect in between.”