Frosty start, rain on the way

After a nice and sunny weekend-- today we end the cold and dry weather pattern. We'll be switching to one that will be wetter-- and with overnight lows a bit warmer than what we're seeing so far this morning.

Increasing clouds in places that start out with any sun. High temps west of the Cascades getting into the mid 40s-- which is spot on for normal for this time of year. Rain showers move in from south to north.

We'll see on/off rain showers for Tuesday and a soggy day on Wednesday. Over night lows near 40, instead of near 30. High temps will be seasonal, around 45. Expecting lots more Cascade snow this week.

Snow levels today around 6,000 ft-- and down to about 3,000 feet by Thursday. That will mean a lot of the incoming rain for the lowlands-- will bring much-needed snow for the lower resorts in the Cascades. That's great news for skiers and snowboarders-- not the best for travelers over the passes.

Thursday we'll see some mid-afternoon light rain and then a dry pocket of weather from about Thursday's evening commute until about Friday late afternoon.

That means dry weather, but chilly for our Blue Friday tailgate party at CenturyLink field on Friday morning. At this point, it looks like Saturday's playoff game day will be a wet day as the Saints come marching into town to take on our Seahawks. Go Hawks!