Georgia man accused of killing teens, posing bodies behind Publix store

***Warning: This report contains graphic and disturbing court details

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. – A Georgia man told police he watched the two 17-year-olds for some time before following them from a Roswell, Ga., Publix grocery store, sexually assaulting one and shooting both in the head, according to court testimony.

Jeffrey Hazelwood, 20, admitted to investigators that he walked up to Natalie Henderson's SUV Aug. 1 and ordered her and Carter Davis out of the vehicle, according to police.

Roswell detective Jennifer Bennett told a Fulton County courtroom Friday that, when Hazelwood opened the door of the vehicle, Davis fought back. Hazelwood told detectives he pistol-whipped the high school lacrosse player before shooting him in the head because he was afraid of the teen, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Hazelwood then allegedly ordered Henderson to get out of the SUV and take off her clothes. He told investigators he used his hand to sexually assault her, then made her put her hands on the car – at which point he spanked her before shooting her in the head, Bennett testified.

An autopsy report revealed that detectives found Henderson's body completely naked  and posed with her legs spread, according to WAGA-TV. Davis, wearing only shorts, was found with both arms extended "possibly posed in a cross-like position," according to the medical examiner. Both bodies had what appeared to be burn marks on one big toe.

The report showed both high school students had been shot in the head at close range; the murder weapon is believed to be a revolver.

Police arrested Hazelwood after tracing Natalie's credit card to a nearby gas station, where detectives say he donned a Guy Fawkes mask before using the card to buy gasoline. Police testified that Hazelwood went back to the Publix to take Carter's jumper cables.

When he was arrested at a convenience store two days later, investigators say they found the Guy Fawkes mask, jumper cables and a revolver inside his car.

Hazelwood faces two counts each of murder, aggravated assault, and theft by taking along with possession of a firearm during commission of a felony and financial transaction card fraud.