Good Samaritan chases off muggers in West Seattle: 'I don't tolerate that'

SEATTLE – An employee at a West Seattle coffee shop was attacked and robbed Monday morning waiting for his boss to arrive, said Seattle police.

Now, police are looking for three suspects who might have done much more harm to the employee if not for one nearby resident.

Nathan Martin says the attack happened around 4 a.m. Monday just outside the Starbucks on Admiral Way in West Seattle.

"I came to my window and I saw three men pummeling this gentleman across the street at Starbucks," Martin said. "I hollered down at them get the (bleep) off of him -- get the (bleep) off of him. And two of them turned around and ran away."

Hoping to save the victim, Martin bolted down the stairs of his apartment complex.

"Two of them ran away and one of them kept  punching him," Martin said.

But by the time he got outside, "The guys were already gone. They had made it down the alley by the time I made it downstairs."

Police said the three men had asked first asked the Starbucks employee for money. The man told police that he told the men he didn’t have any and that’s when they began hitting him in the face and head.

Police say the robbers stole the man’s tablet, cell phone and bag before running away.

Officers searched the area, but couldn’t find the men. Medics treated the man at the scene and then gave him a ride home.

Martin said he'd do the same thing again.

"Yeah, and I'd like to invite them (the muggers) back," he said. "They know where I live. Come find me because I don't tolerate that. It's not cool."