Shooting suspect arrested after wrong-way crash on I-5 near Grand Mound

A suspect involved in a shooting was arrested over the weekend after a high-speed police pursuit that ended in a wrong-way crash on I-5 near Grand Mound.

The Thurston County Sheriff's Office was assisting Lacey Police in chasing the suspect. The suspect was driving southbound on I-5 at a high rate of speed, weaving back and forth between lanes of traffic. The vehicle exited at Grand Mound and got back onto I-5. 

As the suspect got onto I-5, they began heading northbound in the southbound lanes. 

The suspect's vehicle was hit by another vehicle, forcing the chase to come to a stop. 

The suspect was eventually taken into custody.

Investigators have not released information on the shooting or other crime the suspect is accused in.

It's unclear if the incident started in Lacey or if the suspect was wanted out of Lacey. 

The other two people in the other vehicle involved in the crash had non-life-threatening injuries. 


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