GROSS: Health inspectors close local fast food restaurant due to sewage backup in kitchen

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

ISSAQUAH, Wash. --  A McDonald's restaurant on Gilman Blvd has been closed by health inspectors due to an ‘imminent health hazard.’

The problem is sewage has backed up into the kitchen say health inspectors with King County.

The fast food eatery was initially closed Monday afternoon and remained closed Tuesday.

Seattle King County Public Health said the McDonald's would be allowed to reopen only after inspectors confirm that ‘the issue has been resolved.’

Alan Finkelstein, local owner and operator and sole proprietor of the Issaquah (Gilman Blvd.) McDonald's issued the following statement:

"Due to a plumbing issue, we have had to close our restaurant. We are cooperating with the local health department and we will reopen as soon as these issues are resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. Our goal is to always serve our customers in the safest and cleanest environment.”