GUEST: Sticking to a budget while shopping for the holidays

SEATTLE -- Check your holiday shopping list twice

Consumer Confidence is riding high after a festive start to the holiday shopping season.  But, beware gift giving is not all you'll spend your hard earned money on during this time.  David Devine, senior Vice President of Columbia Bank says don't forget to make a budget, and, when you do check your list and check it twice.

"During the holidays folks have a tendency to think about gift giving only, how much am I going to spend on this person how much am I going to spend on the next person.  It's really important to think about the other things involved in the holiday season, such as a lot of entertaining, socializing, different holiday decorations that you’re going to be shopping for.

All those thing all add up.  And, you’re going to want to make sure that as you’re budgeting for the gift giving side of things, you’re also taking into consideration the other things that you’re going to be doing.  So it's important to understand what the plan is pay that back."

Here are three useful tips that Devine says are helpful to track holiday spending.  One:  Mobile Apps, especially bank sponsored apps.  Two:  Money Management software.  Three:  Open up a special account just for the holidays and you'll know exactly what you've spent and how much you have left.