Gun stores see increase in sales of semi-automatic rifles after I-1639 passes

LYNNWOOD, Wash. -- Gunshops in the Puget Sound area say they've seen a spike in sales since Election Day when voters passed I-1639, which adds more restrictions when buying a gun.

“It’s been insane, absolutely insane,” said Tiffany Teasedale, owner of Lynnwood Gun and Ammunition.

Teasedale says semi-automatic style rifles are selling fast since I-1639 passed, which among other things raises the age to purchase those weapons from 18 to 21.

“Anytime there’s some sort of initiative that says we’re going to take some rights away from guns or add more rules, it drives sales up, I mean skyrockets,” she said.

Teasdale says since Election day, her store has seen upwards of six times the normal volumes of customers.

“You may have 10 to 15 people come in for the first part of the day, now you have 60 people come in so you have huge difference,” said Teasdale.

And it’s not just guns, Teasdale says receivers are selling quickly too.

“I just got another 50 delivered today. These will be gone by Wednesday. I have another 250 coming in,” she said.

People buying receivers have to be 21, but Teasdale says it can be used in the making of semi-automatic style assault rifles.

“I’ve never seen so many receivers go out before,” she added.

Teasedale has been running this store for the last 5 years, she says anytime there are more restriction on guns, she sees spikes in sales.

“People are doing panic buying now,” she says.

Gun shops in Bellevue and Tacoma say have also seen sales of semi-automatic style rifles increase following the passage of 1639.